Karing Kreations, LLC. was started in 2015 with the goal of providing a new type of “adaptive” medical clothing for patients. The Privacy PJ’s will be the first retail product introduced, and crowdfunding campaign(s) are the way to help launch them!

About the PJ’s: 

The clothing solution for patients with limited mobility… that’s where Karing Kreations LLC and the Privacy PJ’s come in. This line of adaptive medical clothing can replace traditional clothing for many people and give much needed dignity and privacy protection to patients with limited mobility.

When one of the co- founders was assisting her brother (who suffered limited mobility from a brain tumor), she decided to modify a traditional pajama pant to allow him to use the bathroom without ever exposing himself. Although her design was somewhat rough and desperate it was very important and life changing for them both. The other co-founder who cared for her mother who also experienced limited mobility towards the end of her battle with breast cancer saw this as a great idea. So, together they went to work to make the pant accomodate as many medical related needs as possible and also designed a top to do the same. Now, about two years and many hours consulting with family, friends and healthcare/textile production professionals a line of adaptive patient medical related clothing has been created. Privacy PJ’s are now ready for 1st run production.

The Privacy PJ’s are the ultimate example of mobility, comfort and ease of use in a medical garment. Standard sizes for the PJ’s are XS – XXXL based on a mens size scale accommodating a wide variety of male and female patients and can be special ordered in other sizes too.The seat of the Privacy PJ pant drops down, allowing the patient to use the bathroom without exposing their privates. If the patient requires a catheter, this is not a problem as the Privacy PJ pant has a built-in opening in each leg. The extra-roomy top that doesn’t require being taken over the patients head easily accommodates use of an IV if necessary without disconnecting when putting on or taking off. The top can also be easily put on the patient while in bed. This garment line has the potential to be perfect for having necessary medical tests such as: mammograms, sonograms, colonoscopies, x-rays and numerous other medical exams because the garments have no buttons, snaps, zippers or magnets. The Privacy PJS are designed for ease of use by patient, patient care givers and medical personnel. We anticipate the patient being able to wear the Privacy PJ line of apparel from bed (whether from home or hospital) to appointments for medical tests and/or exams without the need to dress and redress multiple times. The goal of Karing Kreations is to improve the life of the patient wherever possible.

After the initial launch of the Privacy PJ’s, the ultimate goal is to partner with healthcare organizations, cancer societies, in-home care providers, senior living facilities – and the general public – to provide these products to patients who need them most. Given the choice wouldn’t you or your loved ones rather have a dignified outfit regardless of healthcare needs?

Please help spread the word so we can get Privacy PJ’s into the hands of the patients who need them the most! We are sure that once people know they have a choice, they will choose the Privacy PJ’s. Thanks for Karing!